Does he love me? Does she love me? Signs of Love



Signs of Love & Attraction (for men and women) 

Full, detailed signs that is or she is truly attracted to you (body language signs of attraction):  go to this page.  If you learn those signs, you will know the moment you meet him/her what your chances are!  It's a fabulous tool in every day life and definitely in your love life!

Signs the he loves you:  go to this page

Signs that she loves you:  go to this page

Most of the hurt we encounter in our love life comes from our own incapacity to recognize whether the man/woman we love actually reciprocates our feelings in a way that is not ephemeral but rather solid and deep. 

If we learnt to recognize those important signs, even from the initial crush stage, we would avoid investing so much time and energy in a love which is doomed to fail, sooner or later.  After all, if someone is not truly in love with you they will, eventually seek such love elsewhere. 

Similarly, they may be completely infatuated with you but not love you, truly; this will eventually result in a sudden hearbrake, when his/her fire dies down and he/she leaves you for the next 'fire'. 

I wish I had known this in my twenties, when I experienced heartache because I didn't understand why someone can be so 'crazy' about us one day and almost indifferent towards us later on.  It is possible, though, when the love is not there, when it's mere infatuation or even a psychological trick like displacement.  All of this is explained on this page.