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How to Attract and Seduce a Virgo Man  and Make Him Fall in Love with You


If you want to attract, seduce and receive the love of a Virgo man, you need a strategy.  Here are some tips on how to maximize your chances with the help of astrology. 

Understand the Personality of a Virgo Man
Understanding his inner traits will help you with your seduction strategy.  The typical Virgo male is often a perfectionist or, if he cannot achieve perfection in his eyes, he’ll at least apply careful planning and diligence in what he does.  At the very least he’s the type of man who is precise in his habits, punctual, industrious and reliable.  He’s a hard worker and, if he is gifted with a high IQ, he’ll be successful in his ambition; his success however is more due to his careful and methodical dedication to his work than to creative or ‘adventurous’ talents.  For this reason he is good at service jobs, from military, to administrative to even some form of teaching jobs.  He is usually a relatively faithful man but he needs to find satisfaction in his relationship to him to stay faithful. 

How to attract and seduce a Virgo Male 

It may be hard to believe since Virgo is an astrological ‘Earth’ sign, but this man appreciate intelligence and can be stimulated intellectually; you need to, therefore, present wit and conversational abilities: you need to shine mentally, even if you don’t have a university education.  Whilst the Virgo male is often attracted by flamboyant personalities, just because they are different from the way he is, in the long run being down-to-earth will help you keep your Virgo man. 

This is the astrological type of man who won’t necessarily ask you out; you need to make the first move in some way or another.  It is better if you establish some form of friendship before making your move, however, because this sign is not so shallow as to be swept off his feet at first sight! 

When you start dating him, be reliable, punctual and, above all, witty and mentally interesting; develop a mental connection.  If you follow these basic steps, you will more likely than not ensure successive dates with the Virgo man and a path to his heart. 

How to make a Virgo man fall in love with you, over and over 

Remember that he is a workaholic; don’t nag him about it but learn to work your schedule around it; if you show ambition in your own path, rather than showing him that you wait for him at home with a roast in the oven counting the minutes, he’ll be not only impressed by also permanently engaged with you on an emotional level. 

The Virgo man needs security, both in life and in his emotional state. Make him feel safe in your relationship whilst continuing along your own life’s path (with your own interests). In the long run, he will choose a mate (and stay faithful to her) if he envisages your relationship to be stable, safe, secure, mentally stimulating and continually ‘evolving’ in the future (in terms of lifestyle or various types of goals, whatever these may be). 

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