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How to Attract and Keep a Scorpio Man  

Read this page (scroll down) to learn how to attract and Scorpio Man and make him fall in love with you; learn what makes him tick and what would make him run away.  Further down this page, how to have a relationship with a Scorpio man and how to be a great match with him.


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If you have your eyes on a Scorpio man you will probably have realized that he’s a piece of work J On one hand he’s magnetic like no other sign; there is something about a Scorpio man which makes even the plainest guys magnetic. In addition to that, there is aura of mystery around him and many women will find that particularly irresistible.

If you are looking for a predictable, solid man a Scorpio man may not be for you, unless his astrological chart has a lot of other ‘types’ of astrological signs. A Scorpio man is unpredictable and, for reasons not so easy to comprehend, quite complex in his approach to his love life. He is man of extremes, sometimes; this, coupled with his unparalleled energy and passion, can make him a formidable sexual partner, at least if you are in it for the short haul.

The Scorpio man is a great lover, one of the best in the Zodiac; he understands women’s needs in this area and he enjoys meeting them (it makes him feel good). However, bear in mind that he does not want a woman to dominate in (or out of) the bedroom, so if you are the dominant type and you’re after a Scorpio man, you will need to curb this trait somewhat; if you don’t, the Scorpio man may feel threatened and will run away. If you can understand this and work with that, the Scorpio man’s physical passion will bring out your full sensual nature (and that of any other woman’s!) and this will make you feel like a Goddess in the bedroom.  

To entice a Scorpio Man:


To entice him you need to make him feel what he always thinks about himself: that he is unique, special, intriguing; you must also exercise, when you listen, unparalleled intelligence without being dominant. When he speaks, use your brains and avoid being superficial. Superficiality will put a Scorpio man off for good.

Scorpio men are curious people and whatever you do make sure you appeal to his curiosity; don’t make shallow comments without any deeper explanation or story too often, otherwise his need to find out how and why will be frustrated and he will conclude you are just a shallow, superficial mind or that you are just ‘boring’. 

If you are going to invite your Scorpio man out for a date, bear in mind that he will enjoy any outdoor activity, especially if they are related to water. If you think he loves crowds (and some Scorpio men love socializing and mingling with ‘successful people’) see if you can find a party where there will be ‘interesting, accomplished people in any sector or another or a charity event attracting those types of people, and so on.  

A Relationship with a Scorpio Man

. If you want to have a long-lasting relationship with a typical Scorpio Man you will have your work cut out for you.  He does want a relationship, but he is a very complex man and his emotional 'needs' make it hard for anybody to stay around; when they do, they run the risk of being 'dumped' by a Scorpio Man who's feeling bored.  This because the typical Scorpio man is excessively sensitive and will react negatively to innocuous actions or comments; he is easily hurt but often unable to express it: this makes the relationship vulnerable, in that you or the relationship will often be questioned by him (rather than himself).  His emotional tendencies sometimes make him feel lonely (a deep, 'hidden' sense of loneliness) and often unfulfilled; these feeling will too put into question the relationship (unfairly so, at times) and you.  An immature Scorpio man may tend to seek new partner or new lovers all the time, in the never-ending quest to find outside the emotional fulfilment he'd be better off seeking inside.  Within a relationship a Scorpio man's complex emotions can lead him to strong jealousy, defensiveness and (anger) which he won't vocalize but will instead keep inside (not a good thing).  When he is in these negative 'states', he can be self-absorbed and emotionally incapable to relate to you in any way, feeling as if he's the only one who has the right to feel let down or badly treated. 

When you met your Scorpio man you probably thought he was easily likeable and easy going, friendly and amicable; however, as you may have worked out already if you are trying to have a long-term relationship with him, this is what he wants the world to see; there is an 'air' of danger to him behind this likeable, easy-going surface, and this is due to his complex emotional dissatisfactions; ironically this is what attracts many women to the Scorpio man.  This man tends to be secretive, which makes it even more difficult to have a mutually fulfilling, constructive, healthy relationship with him (in the long run).

Unlike some other astrological signs, you have to be careful when you disagree with a Scorpio man.  Make sure that you disagree in a way that does not appear dismissive of his opinion and views (the Scorpio man tends to take himself far too seriously at times); apart from that, Scorpio men do not enter into arguments easily so, if you dislike confrontations too, it will be a conflict-free relationship (remember, though, the ability to deal with (rather than bury inside) conflict is essential in any relationship if it is to last).

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