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How to Attract, Seduce a Cancer Man and Make him Choose You 


These are astrological tips and advice on how to attract and seduce a Cancer man and, ultimately, how to make him fall in love with you. Let astrology (and psychology) give you a head start!

Understanding your Cancer Sign Man from an astrological point of view.

You need to understand that the Cancer man is a volcano of emotions inside; he is often moody, insecure, introverted and emotional in one way or another.  His insecurity may be hidden by a vail of arrogance; he may talk fast because of the emotions brooding inside. 

Being as sensitive as the Cancer man, however, does not just mean that he will be easily offended; it can also mean that he will empathize or at least sympathize with your emotions and will easily show you his caring nature.

He can be a traditionalist, one who perhaps may be comfortable with the traditional roles of men and women (dominant and passive respectively); on the other hand, he can be a loyal, protective, responsible and dependable partner.

He sometimes clings to a woman who shows him her maternal side and can be ‘clingy’ towards a woman he is crazy about.  He can be ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ quite easily and interchangeably, so don’t be too put off by these changes. 

Getting a Cancer Man to Notice You

Because of his unusual ‘link’ to his mother or at least to a motherly sense of femininity, he’ll love it when you show some cleavage. You don’t have to have big breasts but be prepared to visually remind him that you have them! So, wear clothes that highlight the breast areas and, if you are dressing more conservatively, make sure that your clothes somehow underline your breasts (through color, design and so forth).

Secondly, when you talk to him show your feminine side; be kind, gentle, show concern for his wellbeing, make him feel emotionally safe in a way similar to what a mother would do.  If you think being ‘motherly’ is a risk with your man, just show affection and the capacity to be close to him, to exercise emotional intimacy.

The Cancer man profoundly dislikes disloyalty so always convey a sense of trust, loyalty and security.  Even if he may not appear to be so, deep down he values traditional values and prefers the ‘traditional’ family set up. 

Make a Cancer Man Choose You (let Astrology help you)

Despite the modern times, the Cancer man will appreciate being seduced through food, such as home cooked dishes; this also because, once again he’ll associate your time and effort in preparing him food with a motherly side of femininity.

When his mood changes, never be shocked by it but instead behave with understanding and concern;  ask him what he feels; out of all the 12th zodiac signs the Cancer man will definitely not mind your asking about his feelings.  In time, learn to discern what triggers his mood swings; it could be jealousy, or feeling neglected, or unsupported (and so on), even if such feelings are only based on his own conjectures and not reality.

At an early stage of your dating you should learn what his relationship with his mother is like.  Although this is a psychological ‘trick’ useful with every man, the way he feels about his mother will be a window to how he feels about women in general.  If he’s relationship with his mother is severely damaged, you may be asking for trouble (unless he’s received extensive therapy and all those issues have been resolved). 

You can also use this to your advantage:  if he adores his mother, then become his mother’s best friend and you’ll win his heart over and over.  Alternatively you could learn to emulate his mother’s most adored traits, without (of course!) changing your identity!  Little things, such as the way she carries out a domestic task, for example.

If he has difficulties with his mother, such as unresolved issues or deep resentment, such as abandonment issues, or some form of abuse, beware and think hard before engaging in a relationship with him unless he seeks some therapy or has had therapy about it.  Many people have issues with parents one way or the other to varying degrees, but the Cancer man is particularly affected by his relationship with his mother, so he'll be influenced in his adulthood by it. 

The Cancer man deep down likes children and a traditional family, even if his life may suggest otherwise.  This does not mean he’ll be set on having children at all costs (as long as you are extremely affectionate towards him he’ll go along with your choices) but it means that if you already have a child he’ll easily grow attached to him/her rather than consider him/her a possible contentious subject. 

The Cancer man loves deep long-term relationships so, if you play your psychological cards right, he’ll be easily led to marriage or a serious commitment.

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